Terri Skapik has over ten year’s project management experience and has been the Owner and President of Woods Consulting since 2008. Prior to 2008, her father, Bill Woods owned and operated the company and she worked by his side for many years. Ms. Skapik has in-depth knowledge as regards to Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP), having successfully obtained hundreds of ERP permits through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the Florida Water Management Districts and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The applications range from the permitting of multi-use and commercial dock projects to dredge and fill projects as well as the complete renovation of existing marinas and construction of new marinas.

Mrs. Skapik has a strong knowledge in the regulatory and proprietary area of state lands and is very familiar with Chapters 18-21 and 18-20 of the Florida Administrative code (F.A.C.), which address sovereign land proprietary regulations and Aquatic Preserve regulations, respectively. Current responsibilities include all aspects of project management including client interaction, proposal writing, coordinating field studies, data interpretation, engineering design, developing permitting strategies, feasibility studies, submerged land use and all aspects of water related permitting. Duties also include consulting and management to promote progress for all in house water-related permitting projects. Expertise includes water quality monitoring, flushing studies, environmental studies, environmental mitigation, submerged resource surveys, marina design and all aspects of water-related permitting regulations.